Sales of the clothing producers in Czech republic are down

Sales in the textile and clothing industries fell by 3.7 percent to CZK 54.5 billion last year against 2005, according to preliminary results of the Czech Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industries (ATOK).
The data are only for companies with more than twenty employees. The main problems of the sector were the firming Czech crown and a growth in energy prices, the ATOK said.
Sales in the textile industry fell by one percent to CZK 44.3 billion and sales in the clothing industry were down 14 percent to CZK 10.2 billion.
The relatively big fall in sales in the clothing industry was partly due to extraordinarily high revenues in the first half of 2005, ATOK vice-president Jiri Kohoutek said.
The number of jobs in the textile industry in companies with over twenty employees decreased by 8 percent to less than 40,000 last year. In the clothing industry, employment sank by nearly 15 percent to 20,000.
Average monthly wage in the whole sector reached some CZK 13,100, up 8.7 percent year-on-year. In the textile industry, the wage stands at CZK 14,000, some CZK 2,600 more than in the clothing industry. Labour productivity grew by 10 percent in textile companies and fell by 2.2 percent by clothing producers.
Imports from China stagnated last year thanks to an agreement signed between China and the EU in June 2005. Imports from other Asian countries, in particular India and Pakistan, grew significantly.
The Czech Republic has roughly 600 companies with over twenty staff in the sector. Half of them are textile and the other half clothing producers.



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