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23 May 2018
Innovative Textile Industrial Cluster of Slovenia

The innovative textile industry cluster brings together the most important textiles manufacturers, their suppliers, partners, distributors, industrial laundry cleaners and knowledge institutions related to textiles technology, textile care and environmental technology. Most of the cluster's founders and members use the latest technologies and are ideal partners for new and innovative products and services in textiles, R&D (fibres based new engineering materials) and textile care.

Companies and institutes have established a partnership ranging from product development to production, testing, distribution and cleaning (for the end user), and in particular the following fields of cooperation and coordination:

  • R&D projects, project proposals, implementation, coordination and cooperation
  • Development of products, services, tools and processes
  • Textiles for public institutions (hotels, hospitals, institutions)
  • Textiles and products for interior furnishing
  • Protective textiles
  • Intelligent textiles and textiles with special properties
  • Personalisation of ready-to-wear products
  • Supply and distribution
  • Textile care
  • Quality standards and technical recommendations

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