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23 May 2018
ILO meeting

Business, labor and government leaders from 15 countries, key producer and consumer centers are to meet in Geneva under the auspices of ILO from 24-26 of October 2005. They will discuss the situation and the aftermath after the end of the Multifibre agreement (MFA. 15 countries, among them China, India, Turkey, USA, France, Morocco and Romania will try to find a dialogue for fair trade in textiles.

The report of ILO reveals, that the effect of the quota elimination cannot define China and India as the only winners from implicatuion of the new rules. Some Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, sought as loosers in the last years analizis achieved growth in the clothing exports. The loosers are the countries in Africa, Europe and North America and many jobs were closed in these continents. The clothing producers must face the new situation.


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