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23 May 2018
Certification, Consumption and Change
A Conference entitled Certification, Consumption and Change will be held in London, UK on September 29th, 2010 to discuss where the ethical and fair trade movement is headed.

The conference is organized by InSource whose director Lindsey Moore says: “Many of us working in sustainability are increasingly skeptical of the proliferation of claims made on the labels of the food we buy. With six hundred different labels in existence how can we be sure that the social justice or environmental stewardship claimed is actually achieved?

A quick stroll down an aisle at Whole Foods will yield promises of protected forests, improved communities, high wages, and healthy habitats from almost every product label; by checkout one could rightfully expect to walk out into a parking lot transformed into a tropic rainforest!”

She continues with questions: “What are the biggest challenges and opportunities and what do practitioners working in this field need to do to improve impact?”, and another hard to answer question “Do you believe that technologies - such as track and trace - will spur destructive innovation in this field?”

Speakers at this event include:

Andrea de Freitas, Executive DirectorForest Stewardship Council
Rob Cameron, CEOFairtrade Labelling Organization
Dr Sasha Courville, Executive DirectorISEAL Alliance
David Croft, Ethical Sourcing DirectorCadbury
Bart Houlahan, Co-founderB Corp
Brendan May, UK ChairmanRainforest Alliance
Rosey Hurst, DirectorImpactt
Michael Green, Author Philanthrocapitalism and contributor to The Economist 
James Suzman, Director Corporate CitizenshipDe Beers
Barbara Crowther, Director of Communication and PolicyThe Fairtrade Foundation
Richard Perkins, Senior Commodities AdviserWWF International and UK
Jan-Kees Vis, International Sustainable Development ManagerUnilever
Simon Henaell-Thomas, Global Supply Chain Director Sustainable AgricultureThe Body Shop

Franicis Blake, Policy AdvisorSoil Association
Allanna Mcaspurn, General ManagerMADE-BY
Dan Vogel, Chief Executive OfficerEnablon
Carmel Giblin, General ManagerSedex
Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable BusinessMarks and Spencer
Martin Smith, CEO and FounderJusmeans
Sarah Roberts, Executive DirectorEthical Tea Partnerhsip

Dylan Tanner, CEO


Confirmed representatives are attending from: Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Canada, The United States of America, Holland, Ireland and Hungary.

More information on http://www.theinsource.com/agendac.html

Source: InSource

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