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24 March 2018
Ethical fashion awards
Ethical Fashion Forum will be building on its support for new fashion designers with the launch of a major competition entitled INNOVATION.The competition application process launched in April 2009 will be open to all fashion designers who have been in business for less than 3 years.This initiative has the support of the London Development Agency, Estethica at London Fashion Week and Ethical Pure.The competition will seek out and promote inspirational emerging design talent. Entries will be judged on the basis of outstanding design and product quality, as well as social and environmental innovation.Winners will be rewarded for initiatives which benefit the people and communities behind their products, as well as for minimising their impact on the environment and addressing environmental challenges.

The competition aims to inspires and motivate a new generation of design leaders to integrate sustainability at the core of what they do, and in turn to become influential in relation the the sustainability of the industry overall.

Winners will have an opportunity to show at Estethica in September 2009 or at Pure in August 2009. The winners will also receive business support from an expert consultancy team.

Source: Ethical fashion forum


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